Cornwell Farms
7th Annual Angus Production Sale

Tuesday, March 7, 2023 • 1 PM
at LaCrosse Livestock Market
LaCrosse, Kansas

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Welcome to Cornwell Farms

Cornwell Farms, located in St. John, KS, is a 4th generation diversified farm that raises registered Angus and commercial cattle along with row crops. Cornwell Farms has produced Angus cattle since 1990. Previous to raising Angus cattle, Cornwell Farms raised Simmental and Hereford cattle.

Conveniently located four miles from highway 281, Cornwell Farms has proven success through strict selection practices and implementing the best genetics every year. Cornwell Farms treats all their cattle the same, registered or commercial. They expect every cow to raise a calf every year, and to be profitable. Customers appreciate Cornwell Farm’s sires because of their ability to not only perform, but to stay structurally sound.

Cornwell Farms raises the type of cow that keeps both you, and us in business.

  • Sound animals
  • Profitable
  • Performance